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The CARICOM Single Market and Economy (CSME) is not only about goods and capital. Indeed it is mainly about people. In fact within the Revised Treaty Establishing the Caribbean Community and which includes the CSME, there are several provisions dealing with persons. None, however, are more important in a genuine Single Market and Economy than the provisions relating to the free movement of persons.

Article 45 of the Revised Treaty declares that Member States commit themselves to the goal of free movement of their nationals within the Community.

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Free movement of People.

This is an essential factor in an ever closer union among the people of CARICOM Member States. The Treaty on the CSME abolishes discrimination on grounds of nationality in all Member States. Under the CSME, the free movement of persons across the Region entails the removal of work permits for University Graduates, Media Workers, Sports Persons, Musicians, Artists, Managers, Supervisors and other service providers.

With the CSME, these persons will be able to travel to Member States with only a travel permit and, in some cases, an Inter-Caribbean Travel document complete with photograph. Mechanisms will be established for recognising degrees, diplomas and certificates from certain institutions. Additionally, the provisions to harmonise and transfer social security gains will be beneficial to those who qualify.

Workers in these categories can now move freely to another Member State and enjoy the same benefits and rights as regards conditions of work and employment as those given to national workers.

Freedom of movement includes the freedom to leave and reenter any Member State of their choosing and also to have access to property either for residential or business purposes.

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